reticências explores FM, noise, repetition, rhythm and randomness. It is an unfinished sentence, a never-ending story, it’s a continuation, a transition in between. It departs from a broken radio that speaks on its own towards the exploration of its patterns and spatial findings. It is noise and texture. It is a sonic drama.
The original radio recording is played “untouched” from the bluetooth speakers and it can be heard here on archive.org. In the main P.A. system… I answer it.
The full performance is available in video thanks to Punctum/Radim Labuda.
The bluetooth speakers are provided thanks to Synth Library Prague.

reticências will be performed at MeetFactory (Prague, Cz) on 02/11/2022; Vienna (Austria) on 21/10/2022; Prisma Estúdio (Lisbon, Pt) on 24/09/2022;  SONOSCOPIA (Porto, Pt) on 06/08/2022; Punctum (Prague, Cz) on 22/04/2022.